North Bay countdown 5 weeks

Written December 2021, Fraser Valley BC

It’s hard to believe but we are closing in on five weeks to the movers arriving. All orders are completed and shipped. My shop is turning into a large pile of boxes and I’ve started selling off the stuff I’ve been dragging around for twenty years but never use. It’s amazing how many tools and stuff I have on shelves just gathering dust, just in case I need it in the future.


One of the things I really used to enjoy doing in my backyard was practising with my whips. I even had a whip area separated from the dogs. This was before the town started the current growth spurt and I went from one neighbour who didn’t give a crap what I did to eight neighbours that would yell at me over the fence to shut up whenever I pulled the whip out.


The area we are going to is 15 minutes out of town and we are back to having no super close neighbours so I’m looking forward to that.


To celebrate I’ve ordered a 6’ paracord bullwhip from a maker in Calgary so that we can do some whip dancing again. I’ve given them carte blanche on the pattern and am looking forward to seeing what they come up with. I haven’t seen the yard yet but hopefully there is an area that I can pull the roo out in the summer as well and maybe even find a secluded spot for summer scenes.