There’s something special about taking the time to build something that lasts. Something solid that you can depend on to the point that you take for granted the fact that it will always be there. Something that other people see for the first time and point it out to you in a way that you see it again for the first time.


It took 15 years to take our last house from something with good bones and not much else to a paradise. 15 years of replacing rotted wood, painting, cutting dead trees and brush, hauling rocks from the Fraser river to the back yard. At one point I even broke my leg while carrying a large rock I found on the side of the road that I thought would look good in a future garden.


So when we decided to pull up stakes and travel cross country to Ontario, it was a big deal. When we arrived at our new home only to find hidden structural damage and undisclosed issues it made us wonder if we made the right decision. Moving was a huge risk and a large stressor on our family and friends.


Today it is 21 months later and I can finally say that we are in a good place. The house is mostly fixed and I am starting to make some really nice items. I still have a small wish list from some extremely patient customers that I am almost ready to start on.  I am extremely grateful to everyone that has stuck by me through the past almost two years.


This house is going to be something special and in turn will allow me the peace of mind to make you something special. Custom orders are now open!


-September 2023