Cane: Leather-Bound, Red

Cane: Leather-Bound, Red

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Red leather-bound cane, hand dyed and machine stitched. The double thick leather is sealed with resolene for ease of maintenance and durability. 

The Delrin shaft is the same highly durable industrial plastic from which I make most of my canes.


video close up 

This cane is an amazingly versatile toy, for everything from mild sensation play to human pet play to discipline play. Drag the edges slowly over skin to elicit all the goosebumps and breathless anticipation. With a good back swing, this piece packs a nice solid thwack. Pretty enough to put on display. Or hang from your kilt; your bottom won’t see it coming. Built as a lifetime toy, this one is certain to be a go-to piece for years to come.

Style: Premium hand-dyed.

Total length: 22.” long
1.25” wide
3/8” Delrin inside
165 grams

Sensation: thud followed by small amount of sting

Discreet packaging.

AP 927-932